Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anatomy Tools

Hey sorry for the lack of anything that proves my existence, everything I have been drawing has been very stupid looking, albeit most things in my gallery can qualify for that description. Most things now are either NDA (I'd rather not get sued, I am very poor. I cannot really afford this. So hungry.) and naked people.

...My...horrific interpretation of naked people....

Which I'll post up...someday.....soonish....

Anyways here are some cool anatomy tools I dug up and have all put on my wishlist.

You can get the Asaro head from here- http://www.planesofthehead.com/

And they are $98 USD.

  • Digitally calibrated from an actual human Skull.
  • Jaw articulates with accurate, natural movement.
  • Exact reproduction of every detail from a real-life specimen.
  • Sperical magnet allows for full skull rotation.
  • Jaw and Skull easily remove from stand and each other and snap back together.
  • Snaps together with other skulls and head stands.

For $68.

Which has more awesome stuff like this on their site.

Now there are some really poseable figures out there but so far the ones that catch my eye are-

The Takara GenX core figure.

Takara has the Cool Girl figures as well-


Then there's this guy off of sideshow collectibles.

These are really cool, someone made his own sculpture.

S.F.B.T T 1's are sort of cool in an animu cyborg sense.

Although the bicep actually bulking up when the arm is flexed is really cool.

But that is not how I remember a human torso looking like at all.

And of course the famous Spiderman 18 inch with 67 points of articulation.

Also here's a photobucket I upload Concept work I find once in awhile- http://s733.photobucket.com/home/tapedupsoap/

And here is something for people who want to do quick sketches- http://www.pixelovely.com/tools/gesture.html

Oh yes I forgot a poseable dragon. He is from Monster Hunter his name is Rathalos, he is about in the $100-200 range.


  1. The little blue micromans, I really want to find some where can I get them? :D

  2. Oh you can find them here!- http://www.microforever.com/materialforce.htm

  3. where can the takara GenX poseable male figure be found?

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