Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't leave me hanging!

Saturday/Hotel sketches.

Some of these studies were from foreign resources and I have no ideal what they meant, but kind of got the gist of what they were trying to represent.


  1. (kept trying to write a message and it just deletes it if you type wrong password sucks )

    i used to watch your deviantart i had name kratier,, i am pretty sure i commented not too long ago, but couldnt find it in past entries.

    this stuff looks great and really inspires me to try and learn to use tablet real well, i still suck at the tablet

    you seem to be really progressing really fast, i like all the real life stuff, it all seems to have a lot better "flow" to it

    (i gotta use gmail account cause it keeps not letting me comment)

  2. Oh hey yeah I remember you! Thanks for posting on my blog ;w;bbb

    I still fight with the tablet, it isn't as smooth of a mental transition of paper to pencil. Personally though I prefer charcoal to smooth newsprint but my board is at my room mates and I'm staying over at a buddies house.

    And thanks! I try to do a study everyday to help sharpen my skills. Consistency helps a lot.

  3. i think somewhere in your deviantart or on your posts you recommended autodesk sketchbook pro 2011

    theres one frustrating thing about it like i used to be able to use the button on side of the pen to select color to use if its already on the screen. i cant seem to do that, and the button seems to do nothing actually, is there a way to fix that or config it? besides that, this really is exactly what i was looking for