Monday, April 18, 2011

Hand Jive

I forgot where I pulled these from but here you guys go! I didn't draw these nor do I know the book they belong too.

Now for some Handspiration, all from different languages I don't understand-

This is from a book called Основы учебного академического рисунка

These are from Red Ink Teacher

And this is from Die Gestalt des Menschen by Gottfried Bammes


  1. They're from the Famous Artists Course, the first ones you posted. Specifically the 1960's one. Figured I'd mentioned it since I realized where they were from.
    Thanks for the hand refs though! They're the bane of my existence.

  2. I own this book "Основы учебного академического рисунка" and I love it, too bad I can't read russian and understand as well :<