Friday, July 15, 2011

A beach is a terrible place to sell seashells

Doing a tag team on this image, threw it to Chim already so it's his turn. He's definitely going to do some crazy amazing things.

Week 1 of my first environment class, get used to seeing these I'll be taking classes over the course of the year. Next will be Paick's Environ 2 class for set design then after that Futurepoly's environ classes when they open up. Also we were discouraged about relying on texture tools and were supposed to be painting these rather them smothering them with a bunch of texture noise. So I did two things I don't really paint often, water and rocks.

My crit for this week was just put more foreground elements in the top two and I just need to push my values just a bit more. This week I got to do 3 city scapes, no 1 point perspective and using his curve?? lighting technique. Still got to watch this weeks lecture.

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