Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some studies

Expect a lot of balls/rudimentary form studies from me for the next few updates, I'm trying to learn how glossiness effects surface texture, materials, planes, and shadow shaping.

Ctrl+Paint has been a great resource of tutorials and has explained things in a nice clear cut manner.

Also Watts Atelier has a new Fall schedule out!
You can check it here or here.

And I been interested in getting the thanks to post about why line art looks stiffer then the intial rough-
" The sketchiness of line art mimics the natural lack of clarity in our peripheral vision. When we look at the real world, our high definition fovea can only focus on a small area at a time. By having a very clean line art, it creates the unnatural feel of high clarity over a large area that’s not possible when we look at real life, therefore line art tends to appear stiff and not as appealing as the sketch. This sketchiness technique was first utilized by impressionists to create an optical illusion of motion (along with other techniques like equiluminance). "

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